New Media Institute

During my time at UGA, I completed a certificate studies program with the New Media Institute. New Media is the study of emerging technologies—ranging from website design, artificial intelligence, app development, drones, and more. Through my certificate journey, I learned how to take my understanding of various technologies and apply it to solve real-world problems.

With my courses and projects, I placed special emphasis on website and user interface (UX) design. In a class called New Media Production, I gained experience coding in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, which culminated in the creation of this website. Read more about my Production experience here.

Because I enjoyed coding and web design so much, this then lead me to pursue more opportunities where I could develop similar skills, namely taking a position in the UGA Office of the Vice President as a Digital Media Intern. In this position, I gained experience collaborating with the creative team to develop high traffic web pages for a large university, design user interface prototypes for potential projects, and create university promotional videos in Adobe Premiere. Watch one of my videos here.This incredible opportunity was made possible by the skills I learned in New Media courses and the passion that the NMI sparked in me for digital media.

Finally, in my last semester at UGA, I worked with a team of fellow NMI students on a semester-long Capstone project. We collaborated with Home Depot to create a UX prototype for an unreleased app that will accompany a new line of products that Home Depot plans on releasing in the next year. Read more about my team’s work with Home Depot here.

After completing my certificate journey with the NMI, as well as my Marketing and International Business Degree, I will be pursuing freelance web design and branding for solopreneurs and small businesses. My diverse array of experiences and skills acquired in my time at the NMI have fueled my passion for both the technical side of design, as well as the forward-facing visual aspects that make for great user experiences on any platform. I’m looking forward to the next chapter post-grad, but the foundational knowledge I gained from this program will always be at the core of my work in emerging media and design.